Climate and weather

Climate and weather

In cooperation with Greenland Airports, Asiaq operates a number of climate stations on the west coast of Greenland. At the climate stations, the following parameters are currently measured:  

·         Air temperature  

·         Air humidity  

·         Air pressure 

·         Precipitation 

·         Solar radiation  

·         Wind speed 

·         Wind direction 

·         UVB (at selected stations) 

Climate data from the stations in Greenland are currently displayed in cooperation with Greenland Airports and DMI on our weather website: Current weather

We have long continuous time series of climate parameters from all over Greenland in our climate archive. You are welcome to contact us to hear if we have data from the exact area you are interested in. Our climate data are obtained by private citizens, researchers, students, institutions, consulting businesses, public administrations etc. 

Thanks to our stable and competent staff, we have great local knowledge all over Greenland which will be of benefit to you or your business, e.g. when erecting a new climate station. Asiaq has long experience in erection and operation of climate stations, just as we are experts within the fields of quality assurance, reporting and analyses of climate data. In connection with the erection of new stations, we may assist you in clarifying your business needs, so that the right climate parameters are measured in relation to the purpose, e.g. for environmental assessment inputs and baseline studies of mining projects, construction of airports, assessment of transmission line vices etc. 


·         Supply of current climate data  

·         Supply of historical climate data  

·         Analyses of climate data 

·         Clarification of needs in connection with erection of new stations 

·         Construction, erection and operation of climate stations 

·         Quality assurance and reporting of data from climate stations 

For additional information, please contact Dorthe Petersen