Hydrologist in Greenland

We offer a job with challenging tasks within arctic hydrology in Greenland. You will assess water resources for hydro power and water supply, as well as develop the knowledge about arctic hydrology through research projects with international partners. The tasks include collection and quality check of hydrological data, data analysis, modelling and dissemination of results.

Submit your application no later than May 17th 2016.



Asiaq, Greenland Survey, is serving the technical communities and authorities, using our local knowledge and presence for more than 50 years. We are supporting planning of mines, roads, tunnels, run off, buildings, dams, water reservoirs, area development, drainage, thematic surveying, planning and much more.

Asiaq Greenland Survey is owned by the Greenlandic government, and operated as an independent, commercial company.     

Asiaq’s responsibilities include; mapping, geographic information, hydrology, climate, environment, and surveying and geotechnical investigation. Our Workshop maintains a network of climate stations distributed all over Greenland for the purpose of local monitoring and international collaboration. 


P.O. Box 1003 

Qatserisut 8

3900 Nuuk 



Phone: +299 34 88 00 

Fax: +299 34 88 01 


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