Asiaq performs surveying and hydrographic surveys of near-shore areas and lakes all over Greenland. With surveying, we distinguish between marking and measuring. 

On the basis of coordinates or physical markings, Asiaq provides markings of land, bedrock, buildings or profiles. Typical tasks are markings of construction fields, module lines and weather stations. Fixed points or elevation numbers can also be marked in connection with construction projects. 

With surveying, the existing physical conditions such as the location of sewers, buildings, cable traces and roads are measured and a layout plan is supplied. Surveying is used for documentation of the work performed, volume calculation etc. or planning of an impending project. 

For the performance of these tasks, we use the latest Leica equipment in the shape of RTK-GPS, total stations and levelling instruments. In the subsequent processing, we use Bentley Microstation and Leica Geo Office. 

Land surveying by drone

Asiaq has a drone (UAV, Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle), which is used for mapping. Mapping with a drone can quickly provide a good baseline for a project with high quality, e.g.:

  • 3D Digital terrain model
  • Present Aerial photo (ortofoto)

The digital terrain model can be provided with a 5 cm resolution and with height accuracy of 5-10 cm.  

The drone can also be applied to continuously monitoring of extensive construction work – such as volume calculation and photo documentation.


·         Marking of buildings and roads 

·         Precision levelling 

·         Surveying 

·         Location of cables and pipes 

·         Maintenance of reference networks and fixed points 

·         Volume calculation 

·         Deformation measurement 

·         Consultancy services and reports.

For additional information, please contact Alexander Helland