Soil testing

Soil testing

Asiaq offers assessments of the soil properties and carrying capacity in connection with construction tasks. It is possible to save a lot of money and time in connection with building projects if all aspects regarding the soil are assessed early in the planning process.  

With our geophysical surveying methods, we are able to map the layer boundaries, localise the bedrock and groundwater level, find the location of permafrost, if any, localise underground pipes, wires etc. Furthermore, an assessment can be made of the bedrock quality as well as the relative compressive strength and durability of materials.  

Geotechnical methods may provide information on the soil type, grain size, water content, carrying capacity in loose soil, fissures and weaknesses in the bedrock. This is important information when building houses, roads, harbours, airports etc.  

In addition to this, Asiaq has a comprehensive archive with approx. 30,000 soil investigation and geotechnical reports with construction-technical assessments from all over Greenland.  


·         Soil investigations 

·         Soil types  

·         Surveying of the land carrying capacity 

·         Surveying of the groundwater level  

·         Compressive strength of bedrock and concrete 

·         Depth to bedrock  

·         Bedrock quality 

·         Consultancy services and reports 

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