Asiaq's core tasks are to collect, file, analyse and disseminate data on the physical (non-living) environment in Greenland. Our data are derived from mapping of towns, settlements and selected parts of the open land, measuring of water resources, climate and current weather as well as construction-technical surveys.

Furthermore, Asiaq participates in research activities performed in Greenland.

One of Asiaq's primary tasks is to provide society with reliable and quality assured data and to ensure that the information is easily accessible. This knowledge is made available to government officials in the Greenland Self-Government, local government administrators and applicants from the mining industry, businesses and the population of Greenland.

Asiaq has modern measuring equipment and makes intensive use of advanced technical software areas.

The annual Budget appropriation covers the tasks that are described in our service catalogue. Added to this are the initiatives described in this action plan. Other services are performed against payment from public and private applicants. Furthermore, Asiaq applies for and receives funding from development and research funds.