Research Station NuukBasis

Research Station NuukBasis

The Nuuk Ecological Research Operations (NERO) are part of the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring programme (GEM).

NERO’s study site is in Kobbefjord (64°07’N / 51°21'W), approx. 20 km Southeast of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. An extensive interdisciplinary monitoring programme studies the impact of climate variability and change on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Furthermore, process-specific research projects are conducted.
NERO consists of four sub-programmes: ClimateBasis, BioBasis, GeoBasis and MarineBasis.

Asiaq is responsible for the sub-programme ClimateBasis, which studies the climate, glaciology and hydrology in Kobbefjord. The core of the programme builds on several automatic measuring stations. The most important climate parameters are measured redundantly at two masts with independent energy supplies. This setup ensures continuous time series in a very challenging environment. Several hydrometric stations monitor the runoff of the basins draining into Kobbefjord. They are supplemented by manual measurements in order to derive continuous discharge time series. Snow distribution is monitored at various locations in order to capture the inter-annual variability. In addition, glaciological measurements are performed on a small mountain glacier in the Kobbefjord basin. Glacier mass- and energy balance as well as dynamics are studied there in a close collaboration with the PROMICE project.

The monitored data is thoroughly quality controlled on an annual basis and freely available through a database.

The activities in Kobbefjord are coordinated via NERO where the following institutions are 
Asiaq’s partners:

-      Greenland Institute of Natural Resources , Aarhus Universitet

-     Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen

-      Department of BioScience, University of Aarhus

-      Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)


The activities are primarily funded by:  

-      The Danish Energy Agency

-      The Environmental Protection Agency in Denmark


More information on NERO can be found here.