Qutdligssat town in Vaigat municipality

Surveyer approaching Qullissaq from South 1958
Qutdligssat South-East approach, 1958 - To the right is seen KitdlerpĆ¢t, the northern part of the town. In front is seen the southern part of the town with the landing.

Take a tour of the available data, and get an impression of the activities of a growing and declining town over a period of ten years.

You can browse through the years, or you can open the map, and have a look at the reports associated with the different sites. Follow the early surveying, the stories related to the school and subsidy housing, the frequent issues on water supply, and get an impression of building and maintaining the framework for creating a living city.

The Asiaq archives have entries on Qullissat in the period from 1957 through 1968. 47 years later, in 2015, we have new entries documenting parts of the current Qullissat with new technologies.

In and out of Qullissat

Surveying Qullissat on site is more cost-efficient if done by boat. Nothing in 2015 has changed since 1958, except for the use of color photography. Approaching Qullissat from the south is still impressive.

Good luck with your exploration of Qullissat!



Approaching from south 2015
Qullissat South-East approach, June 2015 - To the left was the mining sites, and behind raises Ungatdleq to 1680 m above sea level. In front of the bow is the town. To the right rises the Kidlerpat Qaqarssua to 1280 m, and the view continues nord through Vaigat. (combined photo by Jens Gottlieb).


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