Rock glaciers are permafrost features abundant in mountainous environments and are characterized as ‘steadily creeping perennially frozen and ice-rich debris on non-glacierised mountain slopes’. Previous studies investigated both the climatic significance and the dynamics of rock glaciers in Greenland, however, there do not exist studies as far south as the Godthåbsfjord area. We recently found evidence of a potentially active rock glacier near Nuuk, which would be around 250 km further south than previously suggested. With a study funded through the Greenlandic Research Council we will (I) confirm or reject current rock glacier occurrence in the Godthåbsfjord area with innovative methods, (II) study their dynamic regime and (III) investigate the climatic boundary conditions necessary for rock glacier occurrence in the Sub-Arctic.


Rock glacier

Rock glacier on Bjørneø in Godthåbsfjord. Aerial photo July 28, 2015.


DigitalGlobe, GoogleEarth