About NunaGIS and NIN

About NunaGIS and NIN

On NunaGIS, geographic information from all of Greenland is gathered and published on the Internet (WebGIS). Here, you will be able to view index maps and detailed maps and aerial photographs of towns and settlements.  

Asiaq collects data from public authorities in NunaGIS. In addition to the maps, you can also get information on sensitive bird areas, migratory reindeer, hunting grounds, buildings that are worth preserving, etc. 

The Land Use Register of Greenland / Nunaminernik Inniminnikkanik Nalunaarsuiffik (NIN) contains information on the use of the land. The register is part of NunaGIS. Asiaq is in charge of the technical operation and publication, but the municipalities are in charge of the registration and administrative procedures.  

Citizens and businesses may apply online on the websites of the individual municipalities. Cf. www.nunagis.gl. The map content can be found here.


E-mail: gis@asiaq.gl