When snow-data attracts the inquisitives

When snow-data attracts the inquisitives

Asiaq welcomes our new apprentice, Steffen Ringsø Nielsen, who studies Arctic Technology with Construction and Raw Materials as field of specialization.

Steffen studies on 7th semester and will finish his study at the beginning of 2018. Asiaq’s many interesting projects and scientific fieldwork made Asiaq a perfect place for Steffen to hold his semester in Nuuk. Most recently, he attended the snow survey in the middle of no-where at one of Asiaq’s research-station, 30 km from the Greenlandic capital Nuuk.

Every year, since the Arctic Technology program started in 2001 in Sisimiut, 50 km north of Arctic Circle, Asiaq has been given the opportunity for minimum one student to spend their semester at Asiaq. The semester is held in close cooperation with Arctic Technology Centre, where the apprentice gets insight in the core activities of Asiaq.

Furthermore, every year Asiaq has one accountant and one electronic-technician as apprentice.

Asiaq - Greenland Survey undertakes infrastructure and research projects, providing knowledge on arctic climate, soil conditions, mapping and water resources, based on physical data from Greenland. Asiaq has over 60 years’ experience, giving our partners, customers and Greenlandic society access to unique data and time series.

Steffen going to fieldwork