Technical Maps of Towns and Settlements

Technical Maps of Towns and Settlements

Here you will find information on how to download data for the technical maps of towns and settlements.

Data can be downloaded from Asiaq´s FTP server by using the following logon information:

  • Adress:             ( do not work anymore )
  • Username:              Asiaqs_grundkort
  • Psswrd:                   *no psswrd*


Data must be downloaded by using a FTP client. Serveral free FTP clients are available and one among many can be downloaded from

In the program Filezilla, you enter the FTP server´s information as shown below. Finally, you press ”Quickconnect”.


Host:       Username: Asiaqs_grundkort           Password:         Port:  Quickconnect


When connected, you will see the content of the server at one side of your screen and your own computers content on the other. Now, you are able to download all you want from the FTP server to your computer.

Vector data is available in the following formats: DGN, DWG, TAB. Also, Orto photos are available in ECW format.

Notice, you must connect the FTP server by using a FTP client program – you cannot access directly from your browser.