New digital map of Greenland

New digital map of Greenland

An ambitious project to produce a new digital topographic map of Greenland based on satellite data has begun with a pilot project to test methods, develop relevant specifications and to assess the products. This pilot study focusses on 4 areas around Greenland; Disko Bay in the west, Narsaq in the South, Tasiilaq in the east and Zackenberg in the northeast. The new digital elevation model (DEM) is produced by Airbus DS using data from their fleet of high resolution optical satellites, in collaboration with DHI GRAS A/S.

Asiaq’s has been involved in many aspects of the pilot project. In particular our data archive and local knowledge has been invaluable in validating the new DEMs and vector data (coastline, rivers, lakes, etc.).

The project is lead Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE),

Project partners: