Topographic and geological mapping of NE Greenland

Topographic and geological mapping of NE Greenland

The aim of this project is to provide data to support the Ministry of Mineral Resources in producing a new digital geological map of East Greenland.  Asiaq’s work will be based on remote sensing data and include a new topographic base map and, in collaboration with GEUS, a new geological map. Both these products will be used to aid and guide field geologist in the area.

The new topographic base map covering c. 20,000 km2 will be based on a new high resolution digital elevation model for Greenland, the ArcticDEM, coupled with other available satellite data. The large area covered by the new topographic base map covers the area in which prospective Mesozoic stratigraphy is exposed. The revised topographic base map will significantly improve both data accuracy and consistency and will have broad application within and beyond the scope of this project. The resulting topographic base map data will be made publically available.

Existing ASTER, Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 data for the same area will be processed for use in geological mapping. These satellites are widely recognised as being particularly suited to the mapping of major geological features, lithological variations, lineaments, regolith and landforms. The data will provide a high quality new dataset for interpreting and mapping onshore geology relevant to hydrocarbon prospectivity in East Greenland. The data will be made publically available.

Project partners:

Geology Department, Ministry of Mineral resources