Names of Qullissat

Names of Qullissat

Town name and municipality


Names, numbers and abbreviations are frequently met in the archives, so it is practical to know the various versions of names. If looking for Qullissat, you might have to look for alternatives as mentioned below.

Now Qullissat, then Qutdligssat

The modern and approved name Qullissat was not used in the archives, as it was unknown. Then was used the old name spelling Qutdligssat. Other variants of the name do also appear, like Qutdugssat on the file for house registrations, and signs in Qullissat spelled Qullissat and Kudtligsat.


The town Qutdligssat was officially abbreviated QTD, and was in the municiality of Vaigat. Vaigat had the official abbrevation VGT and municipality number 013.


Vaigat was 1973 enrolled in the municipiality of Qeqertarsuaq (then spelled as today), which was also the name of two other entities in the municipality: The town Qeqertarsuaq (abbreviated QEQ) on the south side, with the former danish name Godhavn (GOD). The entire island is also named Qeqertarsuaq  with the former danish name Disko.

Many citizens went to Ilulissat (ILU), which then also was spelled Ilul√≠ssat with an √≠ instead of i. Ilulissat was placed in the municipality of same name, and had also the old danish name of Jakobshavn (JAK). The municipalities was 2009 merged into the Qaasuitsup Kommunia based in Ilulissat.

Betydningen af mange navne

So if you are searching for Qullissat in the analogue archive, information may also be found under the names mentioned above - and to make it even more difficult. In files of Quatdligssat, you may have reports concerning the potential mining site of Atanikerdluk on the northside of Vaigat, close to Sarqaq, and in the municipality of Ilulissat. They were placed under Qutdligssat, as it was about coal!




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