Map store

Map store

In the Map store, you can buy digital and paper maps. Maps of house numbers in Nuuk as well as sections of the detailed base map are particularly popular. Please contact or 34 88 00

You can see Asiaq's maps - and many other data - on the Internet by visiting NunaGIS's website, which we service. .
For additional information, please visit, or  

Asiaq's specialists may assist in the preparation of maps covering specific needs, e.g. maps for tourists, culture events or marketing of your business.

Refer to Maps and Geo info if you require courses and consulting services, recording and mapping, analyses and background knowledge. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

Products - digitally and on paper

·         Technical base maps of towns and settlements.  

·         Subscriptions to updated technical base map.  

·         Sections of base map for construction work.  

·         Sewer maps of towns and settlements. 

·         Historical maps (site plans) of towns and settlements.  

·         Official maps of drinking water. 

·         Aerial photographs and ortophotos of towns and settlements. 

·         Topographic maps of the open land. 

·         Maps of house numbers in Nuuk and Sisimiut. 

·         Theme maps and special maps, e.g. for tourists and directories.