Maps and geographic information

Maps and geographic information

We perform mapping of the towns, settlements and open land in Greenland to be used by the public administration, research, businesses and citizens.
We provide aerial photographs, maps and geodata digitally and on paper. . 

We offer consultancy services, instruction and support with regard to the application of our maps and geodata, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), NunaGIS, the Land Use Register NIN, the GIS tool MapInfo and Remote Sensing

Digital maps and GIS

What may maps and geodata be used for?  

·         Area planning and area management in the Self-Government, municipalities and businesses. 

·         Wiring registration with utility companies such as Tele and Nukissiorfiit. 

·         Planning of construction projects, e.g. for mining and quarrying. 

·         Control of infrastructure, transport and logistics. 

·         Research within the fields of environment, climate, culture and history. 

·         Tourist maps, outdoor life and guides. 

·         Rescue service and navigation safety. 


Geodata is the name of data referring to a certain location or geographic area. E.g. geographic coordinates, addresses, registers etc. Geodata are typically displayed on maps.  

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool you can use for:
- Collection of data by mapping or establishing registers.
- Measuring and calculating data in its physical size (longitude, area etc.) and in time.
- Monitoring and observing the nature, the environment and the activities of animals and people.
- Organising the collected data, putting them into a context or model
- Displaying and presenting maps and geodata.
- Making decisions on the basis of models and analyses.  

With a GIS tool, e.g. MapInfo, you are able to work with Asiaq's digital data on your own.