Geo Info

Geo Info

Asiaq performs mapping tasks and may assist you and your organisation with expert knowledge on the production and use of maps in Greenland - in CAD and GIS applications as well as on the Internet.

Via NunaGIS, we can put your data to life by publishing maps on the Internet in connection with map data - and with the option of editing data online.

We are familiar with mapping of Greenland and have digital maps as well as older historical maps of towns, settlements and territories. These can easily be obtained from the map store kortbutik@asiaq.glor by phone 34 88 00.

Large parts of the land are only mapped in broad outline. Asiaq has experience with mapping in all scales via satellite pictures, aerial photography or surveying at ground level and may advise on methods and economy and even perform the final production.

Assistance with map and geo data

·         Assistance via E-mail, phone or personal attendance. 

·         Instruction in digital maps, MapInfo and NunaGIS. 

·         Guidance on mapping, digital maps, MapInfo and NunaGIS. 

·        Publication of your data online on NunaGIS. 

·         Preparation of special maps e.g. for conferences and events.  

·         Map schedules for applications for raw material licenses or area applications.  

·         Mapping with Remote Sensing satellite and aerial photo. 

·         Measuring of cesspools after construction work..