Database and archive

Database and archive

According to Landsting Decree no. 18, Asiaq shall collect, record and disseminate technical data on the physical environment in all of Greenland. Physical environment means Greenland's non-living nature as well as settlements and other human intervention in our nature. 

In connection with the consideration of new construction tasks, the collection of initial survey data may be a very heavy expense. Therefore, it is important that already existing initial survey data are filed in an efficient archive, ensuring that data may be easily applied again by new stakeholders.  
Asiaq has three central databases:  

Map data: 

Asiaq maintains and disseminates the national digital database and the paper-based archive of maps in Greenland. Applicants from Greenland and overseas may contact Asiaq and require material. Subject coordinator: Bo Naamansen

Hydrology and climate data:  

This database contains a large amount of data and reports on water resource surveys in Greenland. The database and the archive contain data from the monitoring of local drinking water, large environmental studies, e.g. a report on radon in houses, and particularly long-term measurements of Greenland's water power potential. Subject coordinator: Dorthe Petersen

Construction and geotechnical data:  

Asiaq maintains the national construction and geotechnical data performed all over Greenland, dating back to the 1950s. Asiaq updates its construction and geotechnical data in connection with the planning and design of large assignments, e.g. airports and harbours. Project Manager: Martin Nauta 


The Greenland Self-Government, but not any affiliated organisations, may freely obtain material. Asiaq provides data to other applicants in accordance with the applicable price list. You can contact Asiaq by phone, E-mail and via Asiaq's website.