About Asiaq

About Asiaq

Greenland Survey also called Asiaq is a sub-section of the Greenland Government; however we are also allowed to operate as a private enterprise.
Asiaq's purpose and tasks are laid down in Landsting Decree no. 18 of 28 October 1993 on Greenland Survey.

Asiaq is a for profit business under the Ministry of Housing, Nature and Environment.

According to the Landsting Decree, Asiaq is responsible for obtaining knowledge at a high international level, which will make it possible for the Greenland society to plan and exploit the physical environment and resources. In this way, Asiaq contributes to the development of a self-sustaining Greenland society.

Asiaq's core tasks are to collect, file, analyse and disseminate data on the physical (non-living) environment in Greenland. Our data are derived from mapping of towns, settlements and parts of the open land, measuring of water resources, climate and current weather as well as construction-technical surveys. Furthermore, Asiaq participates in research activities performed in Greenland.

Asiaq's main building


Asiaq's workshop and depot