Asiaq’s field activities for the summer of 2017

Asiaq’s field activities for the summer of 2017

2017 is an active year for Asiaq, where we have many field activities within soil investigations, mapping, weather observations, water resources and remote sensing. Here you can read about some of our field activities; you can also follow us on facebook where we post pictures from the places we operate in.

This summer we visited Paamiut, Qaqortoq, Nanortalik, Narsaq and Uummannaq to update the technical base maps. We also made the much needed updates of seventeen North Greenlandic settlements in the areas of Uummannaq and Upernavik; the locations were last updated 2009.

During the updates of the base maps, we record new roads, buildings, masts, sewers and much more, in order to make the ground map consistent with the reality. As something new, we will use a drone to make aerial photos, which we can subsequently produce orthophotos from. As we are in these remote towns and settlements, we will use the opportunity to capture 360 degree panorama pictures of the settlements with a Google StreetView camera.       

During July, Asiaq have conducted technical measurement at Nukissiorfiits hydropowerplant in Tasiilaq. The discharge in the channel connecting the two lakes that make up the power plant’s reservoir has been measured, to improve the knowledge about the magnitude of the water flow between the lakes. The discharge can be controlled by the staff at the power plant, and they will use the new data to optimize the utilization  of the water resource.

Additionally, Asiaq has field activities in Zackenberg in Northeast Greenland, on Disco Island and in Kobbefjord in connection with the research projects Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring and PROMICE. Furthermore Asiaq has mapping activities in Maniitsoq, where new mapping methods with remote sensing were widely used. Read more about the research projects at