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Asiaq launches new weather portal - now you can see the current weather in over 40 places in Greenland!

Vejret nu

Never before has it been easier to see how the weather is like right now either in your home town, in the city where your grandparents’ plane takes off from, or on your sailing routes along the coast. On Asiaq’s redesigned weather homepage,, you can follow current weather observations for more than 40 cities, settlements and offshore locations. You can find temperature, wind conditions, pressure, humidity, visibility, and much more at present and back in time. It is important for the safety at sea and on land to have a comprehensive, clear, and user friendly page for finding relevant and updated information about the weather. Now it is easy to choose the right clothing before leaving home. Furthermore, the observations on the page are texted and ready for reading aloud for the benefit of visually impaired people.

Arctic Winter Games will be needing weather observations

The timing for the launch is not coincidental. ”With Arctic Winter Games just around the corner, there is great interest from both organizers and spectators to have the opportunity to see how the weather will be at the individual venues under the AWG” – says project manager Majbritt Westring Sørensen, and continues: ”Therefore we have worked extra hard to complete the weather page so people can see the current weather in the centre of Nuuk, at the airport, on top of the alpine skiing lift, and in Qinngorput.”. ”This type of events are highly dependent on the weather situation – and our planning and replanning are deeply dependent on us being able to observe the weather and how it evolves. Therefore climate stations are an important element when we are preparing ourselves for any possible situations” says Arnakkuluk Jo Kleist, Assistant to General Manager for AWG.<\p>

More and faster

The updated weather page replaces the familiar Asiaq weather homepage (same URL) which showed data for 19 different locations. Now this number has been increased to 42, and with a time delay of only 17 minutes, the weather cannot be more current. You can already now go to and see what the weather is like right where YOU are..

Asiaq releases Qullissat archive


Asiaq, Greenland Survey, are now releasing old and new observations from Qullissat on Thanks to the royal visit in Qullissat, and international scientific research in old coal mining societies, Asiaq has been in the archives, and been on the spot this summer.

The archives comprises 10 years of files from 1958 to 1968. Here you find the technical information behind the last rise and decline of a flowerishing city. It's early survey, the stories related to the school building, subsidy housing, the frequent issues on water supply, and more, gives you an impression of building and maintaining the framework for creating and operating a living city.

Asiaq was in Qullissat in June, preparing arial photage and digital terrain model by drone and documenting the city with Google Streetview. The city will be used for calibrating the satelitte mapping of Greenland, so white crosses and other markers has been placed around the city.

​Henrik Forsberg, General Project Manager and acting CEO, says: "Qullissat has an exciting story for most people, and also for a company like Asiaq. It is an old story, that we still can learn from today in all research and planning. Asiaq is a the same time working on releasing their information digitized, and Qullissat is good material for practizing. We hope, that many will find the technical archives interesting and exciting. More will come over the next yars."

​Many informations like drill samples, pictures and other technical information are still used to day in modern planning and construction, so there is a wish for making data easily accessible.